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River City Rock Camp 2020

Virtual Edition



Friday, May 15: Sign-Up Deadline

Sunday, May 17th: Auditions Due

Monday, June 1st:  Band Assignments Posted at

Monday, June 15th:  Rehearsals Begin


Thursday, July 2nd: Facebook Live Performance Sharing

Download the form to sign up!


    Enrollment begins Fri, May 1st and runs through Fri, May 15


We have limited space available for this session. If the camp fills up, we will put your student on a waiting list and then notify you via email if there is an opening. 


What Does a Virtual Rock Camp Look like?

Join a virtual band! We will place you in a band, select a song for your band, and create a rehearsal schedule with group meetings and one-on-one coaching sessions. You will learn how to record your individual part while listening to a backing track on headphones. The recordings will be edited together to make a music video where your band is playing together. Learn the basics of building studio recording skills and walk away with a high-quality music video that you can share with friends, family, and even add to your portfolio.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for being flexible during these uncertain times.

As always, thank you for your support.



  • All students must submit a video audition by or before May 17th (you can submit your sign-up sheet separately from your audition video) 

  • Videos should be 2-3mins long, 4 min MAX.

  • Please submit your video via email to Adrian Rees at

What should be in your Audition Video?

  • Yourself playing or singing part of any song that you know well or have been working on

  • Answer the question: What is your favorite band of all time?

  • List off any bands or songs that you may have forgotten to put on your sign up sheet

  • Additional things to add in your video, if possible (but not required):

    • Guitar: demonstrate open chords, power chords, barre chords. any scales that you know

    • Bass: any scales that you know, and 5 different note names on the fretboard

    • Drums: 3 different drum beats

    • Keyboards: demonstrate C, A, G, D, B, F, B flat, F# Chords

    • Vocals: any scales that you know




  • a device (such as a smartphone or computer) that can record videos 

  • a device (such as smartphone or computer) that has video chat capability, it can be the same device that records videos but does not have to be

  • a 2nd device that can be used to play a video or music track (for your backing track), this MUST be a second device because you will be listening on 1 device and recording with 1 device.

  • a pair of headphones or earbuds




  • The camp fee is $150 and is due by June 15th.  Checks should be made to River City Rock Camp. We can also accept Venmo.

  • If in need, please contact Adrian about possible scholarships, contact info below.




  • Each student will be assigned a band and song by June 1st.

  • All students are to learn their individual guitar/bass/drum/piano & vocal parts before June 15th when camp begins.  

  • All students remember to learn all the parts of your songs from beginning to end.  Don’t forget about the bridge!




  • Camp will take place June 15-23

  • Each student will have three one-on-one 20-minute private virtual lessons with their coach

  • As a band, students will meet in a group video chat 2 times with their coach

  • Rehearsal times will take place from 1:00-3:30pm (we may be able to work out times outside that time frame, if necessary)



  • Each student's individual part will be recorded and then edited together with their bandmates to create a fully polished music video performance. 

  • The performance will be shared in a Facebook Live event on July 2nd. 

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