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Group 1 (Pool Boy Party)


Coach: Kirsten Paludan


Drums: Amber Watts Hall

Bass: Tanner Treichel

Guitar: Rebecca McAnulla

Guitar: Carrie Mandigo

Keyboards: Beth Romano Aux Percussion: Marie Treichel



“Rat On A Wheel”- Band Original

“Lazer Gaze”- Band Original

“Someone New”- Hozier


Group 2


Coach: Ty Scott

Drums: Len Nichol
Bass: Jamison Wheat
Guitar: Geoff Kelly
Guitar: David Dunlap


“Hash Pipe”- Weezer
“Working Man”- Rush
“Strutter”- Kiss
“Unglued”- Stone Temple Pilots

Group 3

Coach: Braden Young


Drums: Bari Holland

Bass: Rocky Crow

Guitar: Lynne Baker

Guitar: Marie Treichel

Vocals: Shawn Titus



“My Favorite Mistake”- Sheryll Crow

“I Think I’m Paranoid”- Garbage “Cherry Bomb”- The Runaways “Ain’t That Peculiar”- Fanny

Group 4

Coach: Adrian Rees


 Drums: Cameron Reschke

Bass: Serena Willems

Guitar: JJ Willems

Vocals/Guitar: Alex Benson




“Saw A Dead Man Today”- Band Original

“Can You Be My Girl”- Band Original “Little Black Submarines”- The Black Keys

“Back Against The Wall”- Cage The Elephant 

Group 5

Coaches: Adrian Rees & Braden Young

Drums/Bass/Guitar: Braden Young Bass/Drums: Kevin Wickliffe Guitar/Bass: Dustin Sypher Guitar/Bass: Adrian Rees

Vocals: Geoff Kelly

Vocals: Rebecca McAnulla




“Cheap Sunglasses”- ZZ Top

“Magic”- Olivia Newton-John

“Green Earrings”- Steely Dan “Lowdown”- Boz Scaggs

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